2001-10-27 - 2:27 a.m.

well well well.

cut cut third period and replace the 3rdPeriod-shaped hole in the universe with chocolate chip zebra cakes and oberweis milk while listening to the james bond theme backwards and forwards in that particular order.

cut to post-school Waking Life under darling projector skies (and man that movie was gorgeous and shifty and wide) and runaround runamuck and get to elijah's with al where we had a candlelit pestopasta potatocheese dinner and dancing followed by 80s bicycle safety taping and guitaring and singing and air and beboping it up with his cat in my lap.

runaround the school at night, scaling the walls and striking a pose [hardcore] around the cherrypicker dinosaur.


drivearound in circles to nick's where there was highly innuendous porn with cute music, moldy rice, and hey i got a classy cutlery demonstration! hah to the golden angel diner and beyond.

all of you rock me, and i don't even know how to write about these times even though one day i want to definitely remember all of them in dream in memory and you'll be there too even if you're the lady who glared at what someone said today but maybe it doesn't matter that i can't express how nice it is because i'll still be smiling about it all anyhow despite the difficulty i have in explaining myself.

and maybe that stream makes sense, because why should i have to explain myself and my smiles and my memories in my own diary (to anyone but myself, that is)? sorry to the girl who dreams in shattered glass, because i have no right to poke fun at her imagery; i'm not better than anyone + you're not better than anyone, although yes, i'd still save a human baby before an ant baby (quick smile to tennison's analogy) even if they're worth the same.

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