2003-08-12 - 9:20 a.m.

i hate the skokie sculpture park.

i think it's ugly.

i hate walking by it.

i hate driving by it.

more accurately, i hate when someone drives by it while i am in the car.
because i still don't have a license.

(i blame that on the sculpture park)

but i would still hate it if i was the one doing the driving.

that last one was called "municipal water carrier.

for purchase inquiries, please call 847-583-8549.

if you buy it
(presumably to carry municipal water),
they will remove it and perhaps put something better there.

however, i actually kind of like this one:

and i am going to find "door of the three spirits" by ed haddaway (shown below) particularly disgusting until ed has coffee with me and says "whatever, you can't even make your own sculpture" and then pours his cafe mocha onto my lap and storms out (which i won't mind because it means i get to eat his unjustly abandoned lemon bars.

the point is, i like lemon bars.

i hate the skokie sculpture park.

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