2001-09-10 - 606 pm

various, from journal kept for class:

- imagine a country where political candidates were never seen, and only their ideas were put on display. i think that wouldn't work because people would be disappointed too often.

- we are all unconscious most of the time

- standing at the hull of a broken afternoon

- there are certain people at school who must have blessed backs of necks. they're the ones you sit behind in class and stare at. and it's not just you, others have done the same. it's amazing a hole hasn't been burned into it.

- i just realized how wrong war toys are. it's not the violence that bothers me (because violence is natural), it's the fact that you're teaching little kids to get humans to fight other humans as killing machines .. and a lot of the time, a machine is the worst thing to be.

- imagine a world where history textbooks said things without specifics, like "one race subjugated another, and there was great despair in the land." would people develop different views of each other?

- the people on the bus are all sitting in the single seats. and if someone from a one-seater leaves, a two-seater person moves there. like in movie theatres and auditoriums, people are programmed to space themselves away from each other.

- i caught a glimpse of a boy on a bicycle. and he'll never know how he entered my life and left me.

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