2003-05-24 - 5:54 a.m.

part one

as i took the fullerton bus to the fireside, my legs start jittering something subtly crazy and i realized i was happy.

so i think maybe if i had to choose between losing an arm or a leg, i'd choose arm. and if i had to lose sight or hearing, maybe i'd lose sight.

because then i could listen to quintron and sing along to rosemary clooney (after having fun with people) on the way to buck 65 (to have fun with other people) and be happy as a clam on ecstasy, you see.

(one of those elated clams with one arm and two legs and hearing but no sight)

part two

and walking home for miles in chicago is so different from walking home for miles in urbana. i tried to think of how i could explain that to scott, to explain why it's so much better, but i couldn't think of a way to do it. i just know that i saw so many things that made me smile in/outwardly (like the sprinklers at sun-up and the sleeping geese and the big black rock i perched on).

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