2005-12-13 - 10:50 p.m.

Having spent my whole life learning to love all the things that happen at me and all the things that I happen to, I think I've done fairly well. (1) Engendering familiarity with my surroundings and (2) categorizing without hurting anything's inner life.

The comfort of being in motion. You are always in motion (orbiting the earth even when you're dead), so you might as well like it? I am a little carsick of everything being a lie and not a lie.

I used to be afraid my brain would be crustified by now, but I think I'm doing fine. There are several songs that say "I'm doing fine," such as the Groovie Ghoulies one or that Beck one and none of them have to do with being fine, but I assure you (who are you anyhow?) that I am fine.

Date: December 13th, 1848
Weather: cold
Health: good
Food: 279 pounds
Next landmark: 119 miles
Miles traveled: 185 miles

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