2001-12-20 - 10:04 a.m.

i didnt want to go to school today, so i got a late arrival. i ended up taking the train back and forth as i ran my errands because i kept falling asleep and missing stops or taking the wrong one. whoops.

oh, i did that thing where you stand really close to the edge of the platform (but still safely!) and let the train pass by really close, really fast. it's a lot like sitting on the edge of a lake when you don't know how to swim. thrills! eh. it reminds me of kiel getting drunk in a ditch in indiana for kicks, hah.

on the way to the post office to drop off a "wish we could spend christmas together!" card to my dad and stepmom ... btw, this card is hilarious to me; i couldn't think of much to write so i resorted to drawing little trees and hills and a star and a little snowman ... so yeah, on the way to the downtown post office i saw a thin layer of ice over a little puddle at an intersection, the kind you can crack open if you step on it.

when i was in grade school, quite possibly the most fun thing was to slide across the frozen puddle that formed because of a slight indentation in the asphalt. that puddle was the only really good thing about having an asphalt playground, i guess. it was really huge to me in 1st grade, it's probably tiny to me now.

so anyway, kids would crowd around it during recess and lunchtime to "skate" across the puddle in their sneakers. it was great fun until Paul the janitor (who always gave us candy and wore a Smiley t-shirt with a bullet hole in its happy yellow forehead) would cover it up with sawdust type stuff, the same stuff used to cover vomit whenever this kid in my class threw up.


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