2006-07-09 - 6:42 p.m.

None of this is important but I'm doing it anyway. Everyone sounds mumbled and I can't understand what anyone's saying but I keep doing all this because I believe in sounds I'm still waiting for, sounds that confirm actions like thunder that follows lightning.

The soft thump that comes with putting our luggage on the hotel room bed and the moist snorts of a warm puppy falling asleep on my lap while I sit on the kitchen floor and listening to someone's shoulder crack while they stretch in bed, in early morning. It's loud because my ear is inches away from grinding bones, an up close sound that dies out after it hits my ears and the sheets.

Do you think that maybe dogs are scared of thunderstorms because they can hear terrible noises in the sky that we don't? I am thinking yes.

In high school I tried to hug my friends in my sleep, when we were in the same bed together. Why nobody else tries that in their sleep I'll never know.

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