2002-08-04 - 5:26 a.m.

starting now i am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and hopefully also get rid of my infantile ways. eating and sleeping will be mine once again.

eating is my biggest problem, actually. in the first place, there's never any food in this house. so i go out. but i'm not used to eating out by myself anymore. it just seems kinda weird, like going to the movies by yourself (but maybe i should go to the movies by myself sometimes; i could be missing out on the awesomest hobby ever).

what's a hobby horse?

i think that i'm okay but i feel like i'm hiding things from myself. i have to do it. otherwise i'd just do a whole lot of sad and not a great deal of anything else.

and final fantasy three sucks at being a mind number. it makes me too jittery.

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