2001-05-26 - 221 am

i was prommin' it up with a lot of my best friends tonite, tonite.

the cursor is blinking at me.

cuz i can't figure out how to say what i mean. it's just that ... there were a LOT of people in that ballroom and at my table. but i still felt really close to them.

if you take that many people who all feel the same thing and get em all to hob and/or knob, then it's only natural that you have a good time. those make the best nights. i bet it's why people go to raves and shows and everything.

jake and abe are goofy as hell and i love them so much for it. fuck, im gonna miss them.

too bad we left after fred got a tummyache and .. i think he threw up in the bathroom. at least we stayed long enuf for them to play the WORST SONG EVER: Rhythm of Love by DJ Company. my friends and i listen to it cuz it's so bad it's badass. it was funny watching the dance floor clear out in hordes (major points to those who stuck it out to the end of the song).

actually, me and abe were the very first people to dance :)

oh, you gotta see this boy DANCE. we .. uhm, tangoed and twirled and did little jigs. and no one really followed us to the dancefloor ... it's cuz WE RULED.

we went to a diner afterwards and talked about ... aaron carter and old shows like Double Dare.

i love my friends so much.

i hope they know that.

heehee, everyone looked so damn cute.

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