2004-05-13 - 10:06 a.m.

from an old txt file on my desktop that i rediscovered:

parking lot
i like fountains?
i kinda want to build a tent
or bake brownies
steal an egg

hierarchy of body mods:

1. writing callous (middle finger, right hand, upper joint)
2. my super neat new videogame callous (middle finger, right hand, middle joint, xbox controller)
3. birthmarks (the brown paintbrush swish under my right forearm)
4. freckles all over my face
5. my new favorite freckle (right index knuckle)
6. moles (like the one on my left index knuckle)
7. football scar on my right knee (stephan sabado, age 5, alley full of rocks)
8. inexplicable dot that appeared on the bottom of my left foot?

i'd get a tattoo or a piercing, but why not just play more videogames."

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