2001-11-08 - 1000

and i think it would be beautiful to walk into memories (as realistic as the holodeck from Star Trek) and do more than fuzzedout lines, warm impressions from leftover touches

instead i could walk down the clarity of this street again with this low morning light and wind through my fingers and loving brown pants swishing with (fondly) firm steppings

or be within that urban hum against the train again
(bloodstreams highways beating)

some things are actually better preserved in memories i guess, where the tiltings of your head and static cheek are touched up to seem better than they probably were.

i'm trying really hard to look busy instead of looking at you.

hah, you're walking softness. and it'd be funny to see you melt and walk or watch your scent trail around.about.after you.

i just want to curl up near you on your bed like shiva's flower

holding my hand without "attachment" attachment (oh dear, quotation marks are so lame), how do you do it? i think i'd like to try that.

i'm trying so hard to avoid you but given any excuse i'll stare at all your lines with that inflection of only yours.

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