2002-04-14 - 10:49 p.m.

1. today is avril 14th

2. my grandma is in the hospital but she'll be fine

3. yay we won second in our division at nationals in phoenix for acadec

4. yay aw i hurt my toe while rock climbing and megan was eaten by coyotes. alright, maybe not exactly "eaten" but ... sure. eaten.

5. the hawaiian kids were very friendly and were amazed at the non-itchy contingent 48 states' grass.

6. i h-fuckin-eart room service.

7. arkansas man needed to stop gettin all up in our bidness. yay for mike being all manlylike and staring him down. quite badass.

8. waterpolo with stevenson was great because they are fun

9. solidarity!

10. i kind of got the tan thing down. enough to make me happy anyhow.

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