2002-06-16 - 9:07 p.m.

summer summer summer i'm already atrophying my head up.

i have hours at my disposal to make fun of many things, like the proported self i have encapsuled into earlier entries. i love to mock that self, but i miss being so sentimental and in love with everything.

but why try to understand everyone when i can just be annoyed with the general public for being big stupidfaces, like the people on Elimidate? it's much easier that way.

because really, their faces are big and stupid. biggest faces you ever did see. swallow entire cities they do.

so instead of thinking, i will continue summer by downloading this tribe called quest song with busta rhymes and kazoo. and then i'll ... learn to make skirts out of pillowcases like sandy, because that's the most original thing i've heard in quite a while.

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