2003-02-04 - 10:31 a.m.

i drifted off while on (off while on) the bus this morning, and slowly the song 'Remember' by Air creeped into the forefront of my brain.

oh, oh it gets better.

for last night i had that 'Love Makes the World go Round' song from the Powerpuff Girls in my head, and i did one of my favorite things to do, which is mix the two. it's something i don't do that often, because i ... plainly cannot. it is a thing that my brain does to me, like "here, let me rearrange your memories in a way that is half-consciously melodic" and i love it.

so yeah. slow down 'Love Makes the World Go Round' and pretend Air mixed it. it's great.

p.s. i will be a failure in the post-college dating atmosphere. it wants me to be a troposphere when i am really just a stratosphere kind of girl.

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