2010-04-23 - 12:32 p.m.

My choice right now is between making money and making an attempt at greater life fulfillment, general happiness, satisfying a personal goal. I get the feeling one would be better for staving off "teh crazy". What's the 'easier' path? It's financial comfort vs. discomfort, it's playing it safe vs. taking a risk. Perhaps that answers my question.

It would be easier if I lived with my insert synonym for 'sweetheart' here. He'd drop off me and my netbook in the mornings at a local coffeeshop and then I'd tap tap tap until work work work. Instead I foresee a lot of packing bags and scrambling but also a lot of love and so it is more than okay.

Financial decisions made lately:

iphone (no)
scooter (yes)
nice bike (no)
netbook (yes)

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