2002-01-08 - 7:03 p.m.

last schoolyear i wrote stuff on the bathroomstallwalls and those got painted over, eventually and mostly. but someperson is writing my words on the insides of more stalls. at first i thought it was remnants of last year, but then i realized that it wasn't my own swoopy handwriting.

thar be a mystery overwriter.

i still have love for girls that write smartish things on walls. ruth started it while ago and it has never completely died down amongst the school population.

eby wrote the best thing though. she wrote "patience" on the upper right hand corner of a corner stall. i thought that was nice to do after september eleventh and wrote "empathy" near the bottom. and then people wrote more and more stuff like love and trust and faith, and all these other things. it's sweet in a nonsickening way to see.

and then there was that girl who wrote she thought she might be pregnant. i wrote down the numbers of plannedparenthood locations and a lot of people offered advice, and none of it was completely horrible advice (although i got annoyed at people who crossed out abortion from my "ask a doctor about abortion/adoption" message). i still wonder a bit why she chose to ask for advice on a bathroom wall.

anyhow, i love the school bathrooms.

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