2002-01-01 - 2:49 a.m.

so after jumping the turnstile to ride the train after being champagneful at our second new year's celebration on the river complete with one gorgeous slow countdown and walking a mile in the cold rather enjoyably, i was given the choice of either

a) taking a shower to ensure i did not contract my dear friend's case of ringworm
b) opening a letter from some college thingy

so i opted for B and ívoila!, i am accepted to my safety school. sometimes i wonder if may be i should NOT go to my safety school, even if it turns out to be the only place i'm accepted. i mean, there are reasons why this is my safety school and not some place i truly want to go to. so why settle for it? i guess i should be happy i have options in the first place.

i verymuch enjoyed the company of the people i met last this new year's, and i am fond of the people i already knew. carlyn seemed like a familiar face even if she wasn't. and kevin's kind eyes continue to make me smile. rudy and todd were fun in their own drunken musicmaking ways. and there is always the warm and contagious elijah (and the contagious is not only his ringworm! ahaha ... eh). i wonder how different the night would've been if i had hung out with nickandsandyandyolieandjacob who i also love to know. hah, sandy brought me whitecastle at 5 in the morning.

my socallednewyearsresolution is to act more like myself and not borrow so much, and being an all-around decent person and all that.

oh, and i don't think i have ringworm, either! wootwoot

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